Pure Irish Biochar


🌿 Improves soil fertility

🌿 Boosts plant growth & harvest yields

🌿 Traps carbon

🌿 Fights climate change

🌿 Utilises waste timber

🌿 Made in Ireland

🌿 Available in various-sized bags

Biochar benefits:

Captures Carbon

Biochar traps carbon in the soil for centuries, enhancing soil fertility while mitigating climate change effects.

Eco-Friendly Product

Our biochar is sustainably produced and is an eco-friendly solution that offers practical benefits for the environment.

Improves Plant Health

Our biochar enhances soil quality and structure, which supports healthier plants through improved nutrient retention.

ideal for USE ON FARMS

Farmers use our biochar to enrich soil, to enhance animal feed and to mitigate the negative and harmful impacts of slurry.

Pure Irish Biochar

Introducing our range of pure Irish biochar, produced to enrich your gardening experience. All our biochar products are made from rescued timber, sawmill waste and offcuts sourced from pallet- and crate-manufacturing processes that were originally earmarked for landfills or incinerators. In this way, we’re playing our part in the circular economy.

Properties of Our Biochar:
• Sustainably produced in West Cork in the south of Ireland
• Made from organic materials derived from natural, renewable sources
• 100% chemical-free, toxin-free and plastic-free
• Suitable for gardening and horticulture all year round

Unlock the potential of your garden with our premium Irish biochar. It’s suitable for a variety of gardening purposes – mix it into your soil or compost or use it as a top dressing for potted plants. We recommend a biochar inclusion rate of up to 10% of the volume of your soil (that’s 1 part biochar to 9 parts soil). While autumn is optimal for applying biochar, it’s suitable for use at any time of the year.

To use biochar effectively, you must consider its porous nature and how it must absorb matter to fill its tiny pores. Inoculating biochar before adding it to your soil is crucial to prevent it from absorbing nutrients. One effective inoculation method involves simply adding it to your compost while it breaks down. You can also use various liquid nutrients as inoculants, such as comfrey tea, nettle tea and worm castings.

Our biochar can also be added to slurry and is suitable as a feed additive for livestock. In addition, the application of biochar at the base of ash trees has emerged as a promising solution to prevent and treat the invasive fungal pathogen known as “ash dieback”. This offers hope in potentially saving Ireland’s cherished ash trees from the devastating impact of this disease.

Why Choose Our Biochar:
• Enhances soil fertility
• Stores and slowly releases water and nutrients
• Boosts plant growth
• Increases harvest yields
• Encourages beneficial microbial activity
• Permanently sequesters CO₂
• Beneficial for the environment, biodiversity and climate preservation

Product Details:
• Premium Irish biochar
• Available in various-sized bags
• 100% plastic-free, biodegradable packaging
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