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Carbon Resources is the brainchild of Christopher Hayes from West Cork.

Chris Hayes Carbon Resources

Meet Christopher

Growing up on a family farm nestled in the stunning West Cork landscape, my deep connection to the surrounding natural environment cultivated in me a passion for sustainability. Every year, I plant hundreds of trees and hedging plants as part of a lifelong commitment. After becoming disillusioned with conventional, environmentally unsustainable farming methods, I initiated a shift to organic practices on our farm.

Christopher Hayes

"Practical ways to minimise waste"

In my professional capacity as a fencing contractor, I encounter substantial timber waste on a daily basis. Wooden pallets, in particular, are a serious waste issue throughout Ireland. I began exploring practical ways to minimise this waste. Armed with the knowledge that biochar is an excellent carbon store, I soon realised that timber waste was an untapped energy resource.

"reduces slurry emissions, boosts yields"

I started conducting thorough research into the potential use of biochar in Ireland. This highlighted its efficacy as a slurry amendment that reduces slurry emissions while boosting yields, as well as its potential as an animal feed additive.

After Extensive Research

Following extensive research, we decided to make our own biochar. The first step involved the purchase of plans to construct a pyrolysis unit. With the biochar we produced, we immediately started using it on our farm and for gardening.

"distributing biochar throughout Ireland"

However, having encountered some design flaws with this first pyrolysis unit, we made the decision to begin manufacturing units to meet our own specifications. Through a series of adaptations and design modifications, we succeeded in boosting the efficiency of our biochar retorts to ensure a better experience for end users. Recently, we’ve expanded our reach and are now distributing biochar throughout Ireland, as well as selling our biochar retorts worldwide. We are now also proud members of the Irish Bioenergy Association.